Mct oil for ketosis and weight loss

Best MCT oil for Weight Loss and Ketosis
(Detailed Analysis)

When it comes to supercharging your weight loss routine or ketogenic diet, there’s always a need for high quality energy supply without making you feel hungry often.

For a long time health enthusiastic people have used fasting and different forms of food and oils to solve this issue.

The winner however has been MCT oil. These Medium-chain Triglycerides have taken the world by storm and suddenly every health diet has them on the list.

And.. it’s not just hype. There is a plethora of scientific evidence supporting the benefits of this oil to help lose weight, maintain ketosis and other brain boosting effects. While many of the research is still ongoing, we can’t underestimate their role. You will know when you consume them.

We brought you some of the best MCT oils for weight loss and Ketosis that you can add to your diet right now!!

What’s really an MCT oil?

MCT stands for Medium-chain Triglycerides or more simply medium-chain fats. This oil can be extracted either from coconut or palm kernel.  as superior forms of MCT.

All of the fatty acids— Caproic acid (C6), Caprylic acid (C8), Capric acid (C10) and Lauric acid (C12) are forms of MCTs. However, C8 and C10 are the most effective and generally accepted

MCT oils are great for weight loss and ketosis. They are absorbed fast into the liver and your body gets a boost of ketones in no time. Kids and people suffering from epilepsy or struggling to fight obesity will find it most effective.

How to use MCT oil?

The best way to use MCT oil supplements is to mix with your coffee or smoothie once a day. Cooking food with this oil isn’t a good idea as MCT oils start burning in low flame.

The recommended daily intake is 1 tablespoon. If you are new to this, start slowly as MCT oil with 1 teaspoon a day and then you can increase the amount as your body adjusts to the effects.

7 Best Mct Oil for Weight Loss and Ketosis Review


Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil
(Best for Highly Effective Ketosis And Weight Loss)

We couldn’t resist but vouch that Bulletproof Brain Octane is the perfect Ketogenic MCT oil. It’s not an overstatement considering the fact it’s got 100% pure caprylic acid with no addition of C10 or lauric acid.

It’s sourced from the best parts of the coconut to obtain C8 that gives you instant ketone energy. Even the extraction process is super clean using only water, heat and pressure. The result⁠— no hexanes and no other harsh chemicals involved.

C8 caprylic acid is more effective than other MCTs in generating ketones. While most MCT products have a mixture of lauric acid even in the smallest quantity, Brain Octane has taken this to another level with no mixed quality.

The bottle in which this MCT oil comes is good for storing. However, we found pouring the recommended amount is a bit hard. So, you might want to get a steel pot for this.

If you love going flavorless and infusing the oil with your favorite coffee or tea, this is the one to get.


Nature's Way Organic MCT Oil
(Best for Budget Consumers)

Want a ride on the rollercoaster? The adrenaline rush this brand offers is insane. It’s got to be one of the best MCT oils for weight loss and also Ketosis! Nature’s Way is more budget-friendly for long term consumption— that’s a deal breaker!!

There’s 7.7 g of C8 caprylis acidand 5 g of C10 in total. We assume it has a slight mixture of Lauric acid. But that’s understandable and sometimes effective to help your digestive system run smoothly.

The source for the oil is 100% coconut and doesn’t involve any forms of Hexane or other solvent in the process.

Even if there’s a little lauric acid, we found the taste to be flavorless. This is great for people who want a bit of coconut nutritions but hate the nutty flavor.


Nutiva MCT Oil
(Best allrounder MCT oil)

Nutiva is a top rated organic MCT oil and it complements your weight loss routine perfectly. A tablespoon of this in your coffee can keep you supercharged all day long with less food intake

One serving of Nutiva has 7.3 g of C8, 5 g of C10 and just 0.7 g of C12. The low amount of lauric acid makes it an allrounder MCT oil that can give you the best of everything.

The entire process behind this oil is organic and totally free from Hexanes. It has a sort of nutty flavor that many of you would love to taste but nothing strong to make it harsh.

If you are going to use the bottle supplied for pouring the oil, we recommend avoiding that. The design is sloppy and dribbles some amount every time you pour. It’s a clean and effective product for your weight loss lifestyle.


Garden of Life MCT Oil
(Best No Filler and Organic MCT)

The Garden of life MCT oil is as good as it gets. It’s filler free and totally organic and that’s the reason it is highly rated for a ketogenic diet. Once you get used to the energy boosting effects of this oil, you simply can’t live without it.

Though most of it is composed of C8 and C10, only a small fraction of lauric acid is present. It’s just 1g per serving and that doesn’t compromise any of the benefits you usually get from MCT oil. When compared to some of the other brands in the market, this is acceptable.

It’s a totally coconut based product that has no association with palm oil and solvents like Hexane. Even the plastic bottle that contains the oil is free from BPA and made from recyclable materials.


Onnit MCT Oil
(Best for Long Lasting Energy)

Onnit probably has the best consistency for mixing into your salad or regular coffee. It’s the best MCT oil for your  perfect keto diet and you will notice the difference in energy spikes in 20-30 minutes of consumption.

C8 (41%) constitutes the most part of this oil. While the rest (68%) is C10 and lauric acid. The addition of lauric acid slows down fuel burning and complements the other fats perfectly. The result is a longer energy curve and better digestion!!

The best part is everything comes from coconut. No fillers, no palm source or even Hexanes. The taste is almost unnoticeable which is why it blends into your natural diet quite well.

If you want to stick to a particular brand for your health products, Onnit is a great option. They also offer sleep, performance, nutrition supplements and different snacks that you can add to your diet.


Sports Research MCT Oil
(Best for Taste)

Sports Research MCT oil is for those who are looking for a healthy alternative of a regular coconut oil. The addition of MCTs with the benefits of lauric acid is suitable for increasing focus and optimizing weight loss.

The best thing about this MCT oil is its taste. It has a slight hint of coconut and that makes it palatable for kids with epilepsy and others who hate going flavorless. Your smoothies or coffee will taste better than ever!

Overall there is 38% C8 (that’s great), 30.5% C10 and 31.5% lauric acid. It’s not pure MCT oil but the mixture will keep your digestive system in good health.

Everything inside is extracted from organic coconuts. Just make sure before consuming to keep the oil at room temperature as we found it can condense a bit in the refrigerator.


Now Sports MCT Oil
(Best for Weight Loss)

The Now Sports might be the only MCT oil you need for weight loss. The brand has been a leader in the natural product industry since 1968. 

It mostly contains C8 (50%) and C10 (30%) which are highly effective to suppress your hunger and provide energy boost during workout. It’s totally safe and contains no hexanes and solvents!

While most of the oil comes from coconut, a small quantity can contain palm kernel oil. This is perfectly safe for wont see any side effects for that. However, if you don’t support deforestation as it is associated with palm tree cultivation, you have other options.

What’s better is the storage bottle. Unlike other brands, the oil comes in glass bottles. It’s easy to pour and also environmentally friendly. Depending on your digestive system, you may or may not experience stomach issues. We recommend starting slow on this and increasing the amount as your body adjusts.

How We Chose and Reviewed

While our in-house team of experts researched the market for the best MCT oils for weight loss and Ketosis, we also talked with many dieticians and real consumers for opinion. It turns out there are lots of MCT oils in the market containing fillers with less value. In the end, we decided to stick with these 7 brands taking the below 5 factors into consideration:

1. Purity of MCT oil

If you want a highly effective ketogenic diet, it’s best to go with an MCT oil containing pure MCT i.e caprylic acid (C8) or capric acid (C10) or a mix of both. In that case, your best option is Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil.

If you want to add some benefits of coconuts then a mix of lauric acid (C12) in small quantities along with other MCTs might be a good option. You can check out Nutiva oil if you want the best of everything. 

2. Method of Processing

We focused on MCT oils that had a cleaner processing and were free from Hexanes and all kinds of harmful solvents. Based on our research, we think Brain Octane oil has a cleaner processing system.

3. Liquid and other forms

All the MCT oils we reviewed are liquid and that’s the best form available. It’s easier to mix with any kind of food and blends well into other liquid drinks. However, you can also find powder or capsule versions

4. Flavor profile

Some people love their MCT oil to be unflavored. For that, you need to go with a pure MCT oil, preferably C8 oil. If you go for the mixed oils, you will find a bit of nutty and coconut flavor. But we found all of the MCT oils to have a mild flavor that won’t harm your appetite.

5. Source: Coconut vs. Palm Kernel

It doesn’t really matter whether your MCT oil comes from coconut or Palm Kernel. So long it contains caprylic and capric acid, it’s always safe and healthy.

However, Palm Kernel is associated with deforestation and immoral practices. Depending on your judgement you can choose either of the two.

Keeping that in mind, we mostly reviewed coconut based MCT oils. The only oil that has a slight mix of palm kernel MCTs is Now Sports

Final Words

The real benefits of MCT oil can never be understood until you actually start consuming them on a regular basis. The feeling and energy level you get is unimaginable! Whether it’s for weight loss or ketosis, you will experience considerable changes to your physiology in a short span of time.

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